Here we go again…

Those of you who know me (which I’m assuming all 5 of my blog readers do) know of my recent love affair/unhealthy obsession with the Missoni for Target capsule collection. It was intense – We’re talking daily Target stalking, website stalking, even a Facebook trading group! While it was strangely satisfying to finally score some elusive pieces (rolling suitcase!-aaahhh!), it was also somewhat of a relief (for both my wallet, and my husband) when Missoni was said and done.

Enter: The September Issues…which I finally had a chance to sit down and start reading this weekend. I believe it was about 11:00 on Saturday night when this happened:

ZOMG! How could I forget? Maybe it’s because the Jason Wu and Summer “The Shops” were borderline mediocre? I got to googling as fast as my little hands would let me, and oh my, what happiness. When it comes to home decor, this one is a home run folks.

You must, must, must check out the lookbooks! (ps – HOW did I not know about “A Bullseye View”? – are you as giddy as I am to have stumbled upon this??)

Lookbooks! After you’ve browsed through that eye candy, let’s look at my Fave Five that are on my shopping list for September 9th!

1. There’s gonna be a mad rush for this one, I’ll make sure to wear my elbow pads!

Look 71

The Patch Candelabra $39.99

2. I collected all of the Liberty of London ceramic canisters, and this one will be a perfectly adorable addition. Imagine the possibilities! Dog treats, coffee, office supplies, pocket patz holder…

Look 79

PATCH NYC Deer Canister $29.99

3. Man, oh man. That road trip print is after my heart. I’m going to need to snag everything from this collection that comes in that print! Typically, the gift wares/stationary items don’t seem to go as quickly at my local Target so hopefully they’ll be enough of these by the time I make it over to the stationary aisle!

Look 61

The Curiosity Shoppe Kitchen Tea Towel Set $10.00

4. Critter Lamps, YES. I couldn’t find a photo of the brass fox lamp (which is the one I’m really lusting after), but if you scroll back up you can see it in the Fall ad. Here’s the official Lookbook shot of the woodpecker lamp. Again, these are going to go super fast I’m sure.

Look 70

PATCH NYC Figural Lamp $49.99

5. Rounding out my favorite are these throws in the most delicious Fall colors. Remember the Missoni throws? I do, but only in my dreams, since they were gone in a millisecond never to be seen again.

Look 66

PATCH NYC Throw $34.99

So there you have it. Have you made your list yet? Are you starting to train on your treadmill like that awesome red jumpsuit crazy lady from the Target Black Friday commercials? I-CAN’T-WAIT.

Ps – this next little snippet comes with a medical warning. You are clicking at your own risk. I’m pretty sure I almost passed out when I was breezing through it this morning, and then I squeeled…literally. Here you go lovers:

“A modern woman is not just a woman who buys expensive stuff, a modern woman is someone who buys intelligently.” Watch the videos!!! They are beyond.


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