Sunday Sprucin’

I’m back!

Now that we got that out of the way…

There’s something you should know about Mama D, she is a firm believer in little things making a big difference. She’s also a very visual person (like me) so she’s adamant about making little changes in your surroundings to make your home feel cozy and pretty. She’s the type of gal that when you’re feeling a little gloomy, she buys you a perfectly adorable new tube of lipstick, or brings you a delicious smelling candle, or sends you a beautifully embellished card. The lady likes pink, and glitter, and frou frou and aint nothin wrong with that!

So this weekend when we were standing out in the front yard and I told her it was a mess, and we had to do something about it but I didn’t have the time, she jumped on it with her typical gusto and said “Come On! It’ll only take a few hours let’s do some quick sprucing”. The next day was gorgeous and we headed over to the nursery and got our green thumb on.

Here’s a few shots of how sad things were looking before.

Mama D getting us started.

Welcome to the weed garden. Enter at your own risk.

The plants actually weren’t in bad shape. It’s just that we had planted them right when we moved in and we’ve since learned more about what works well in that part of the yard. For example, the right side of this garden bed (where the flag is) is directly under the heating vent and water drain from our laundry room, so anything that is planted here grows to monster blue ribbon winning size whereas the left side of the bed stays normal. So we did some shifting to balance everything out.

Oh man, this next pic is a mess. We’ve got grass, weeds, remnants of some mums from forever ago, and then some bulbs that my husband “promised” he pulled up last year. 😉

And now, some pretty little afters!

We planted some mums for Fall color (don’t they get you so excited for T-Day? Can’t WAIT!). We also planted three azalea bushes for some low maintenance greenery that will last almost year round. The others are all plants we already had in the bed just shifted around.


We kept it simple and low maintenance here. What I love the most about this bed is that aside from the pansies we planted four little ground cover starters that will fill in the bed pretty quickly and they will flower pretty little white buds in the Spring.

And then, because this is my blog, and I am obsessed with my beautiful pooch, here’s a shot of Soph helping out 🙂

Yay for a Sunday Funday filled with mommas, pooches, and flowers!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sprucin’

  1. So to those of you that want a little pick me up any little spot in the yard will do. I live in a bottom floor apartment and added a few things here and there. And I promise there is something that just feels good about playing in the dirt 🙂

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