Curtains for Lila

Well, kind of. It’s actually curtains for the bathroom and a blog post for Lila’s mom, but “Curtains for Lila” just has a sweeter ring to it, don’t you think?

Because Kevin and I are the biggest procrastinators ever (it’s true, we both had to repeat biology together in college – our academic record says it’s because we procrastinated and didn’t study for our exams, but we all know the truth is that Kevin just wanted another semester of studying the human body with me 😉 – see what I did there?) we’ve decided that maybe we’ll get more done if we just focus on tiny little projects throughout the week instead of dreading a huge, long to-do list on the weekends.

We’ve been trying this method out for about two months and so far we’ve installed a toilet paper holder and make a pair of curtains, so yeah, I’ll let you be the judge of how well that’s going.


You should start with this “before” pic so you know what kind of nonsense we were working with. Here’s the random curtain we found in our linen closet that we put up as a “for now” option when we renovated this bathroom almost 2 years ago:


I bought this sweet little pair of panels from Ikea awhile back, the print is on the verge of being too girly for Kev, but he let it slide.

I followed this tutorial as a guide, it was especially helpful because oddly enough using two panels on this window turned out to be way too wide, especially because I wanted to make sure I could open the panels to let some natural light in. Example A:

Then we just took that one panel above, cut that sucker in half vertically, made a finished edge with the iron on hem tape and…perfection!

Cute right? It still kind of bums me out that we have to use a suspension rod instead of a traditional curtain rod because of the weirdness of the window (see how the left side sits flush with the wall), but we’ve definitely come a long way since we first moved in. This bathroom was a beauty, huh?

Yay for pretty little $5 curtains. And yay for Lila 😉


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