Let’s Talk Turkey.

Oh, hey! Christmas is 13 days away, so talking Thanksgiving is basically right on schedule, right?

I.love.Thanksgiving. It is my all time favorite holiday. Always has been, probably always will be. I’m really the only one in our family who loves to cook, so we’ve been hosting the holiday at our house since our very first year here about 4 Turkey Days ago. Growing up we always had our Thanksgiving dinner early afternoon, then decorated the (faux – gasp!) Christmas tree, and then all went out to a movie together. I’ve been trying to get back to that timeline for a few years now, but man, cooking an entire dinner is pretty exhausting. This year we managed to eat early, put up the tree (sans decorations), and cheer our Skins to victory. I’d say it was a success.

I wanted to pop in and share my favorite recipes for the biggest meal of the year. I usually tweak here and there, but I’ve linked them all up below for your cooking pleasure :-). Now listen closely to this next part…that Sandra Lee may be considered as a lazy mom’s cook, but woman can make-a-TURKEY. This is literally the best turkey you will ever make in your entire life – trust me, people think I’m Ina when I make it, not kidding. Just smile coyly and say something breezy like “Oh, it’s all about that basting” or “Oh, that old thing? I cook 20 pounders in my sleep”.

Bower Family T-Day:

Roasted Turkey: Two words – BUTTER COINS. droooool.


Cornbread Stuffing (water chestnuts – yum!)

Paula Deen Crock Pot Mac and Cheese (this is a big deal people, saving some major oven space with this one)

Paula Deen Green Bean Casserole (it’s a little too cheesy for my taste, so I would take a lighter hand with than Paula advises – don’t tell her I said that):


The Neely’s Sweet Potato Souffle (this is out of control ya’ll, I tried it for the first time this year and nearly fell out of my seat, it’s that good, plus The Neely’s are just about the cutest, um, EVER)

Then you just make some yummy mashed potatoes, butter glazed rolls, ask your amazing Granddad to make one of his famous pies and you have one delicious meal.

Turkey Day Tips: Oven Schedule, Night Before Prep, Appetizer Finger Foods, Lots of wine.

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