I wish I knew how to quit you! (pottery barn)

It’s happened again.
I should have known when this cute little catalog arrived in the mail full of delicious monogrammed goodness that it wasn’t some little boutique mailer I had somehow stumbled upon and signed up for.
I should have known something so perfectly simple, so perfectly curated, so perfectly appealing to the deepest corners of my homebody heart came from the PB. I’m working to repair our relationship, but after they royally ruined five consecutive online orders over a 6 month span I’m having a difficult time moving on.
But I can’t resist you for long Pottery Barn, even though 70% of my affection is spent tirelessly DIY-ing your most recent catalog.

Back to the heart of the matter: It’s Mark&Graham. Yes, I realize the majority of these adorable trinkets can be found somewhere on Etsy, but sometimes a girl needs a cute little gift in a pinch. It’s everything, this new M&G, there’s pretty much the perfect gift for any occasion, not to mention I am currently OBSESSED with anything monogrammed (blame the newlyweditis), especially a traditional item monogrammed with a very untraditional moniker (maybe a set of six wine glasses monogrammed “Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, etc. – or silver coasters bearing the always favorite “that’s what she said”, a napkin embroidered with “dirty mouth” in beautiful cursive….I could go on forever).

Here’s my current obsessions:


Here’s the link up!: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

How cute would those glasses be monogrammed with reindeer names?!

Also, heads up, if you’re my friend, and you get engaged/buy a new house/celebrate any other momentous life occasion – you’re getting an acrylic tray. Deal with it. Again, the possibilities!

ps – as if this wasn’t enough, they also have an adorable instagram account that snaps pics of cool typography all about town. of course 😉

Tell me what your favorite is!!!!



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