Goodwill Hunting

I have a recently acquired problem that involves now working from home, my days now typically start with a cup of coffee and a “oh, I guess I could make a quick run over to Goodwill”. This is a problem people, mainly because once you start going to Goodwill on an almost daily basis the lines between a really cool find and a piece of junk start to rapidly blur. I think I had a pretty good haul yesterday though.

I’m a lover of personal photographs, it’s a trait I got from my momma, so much so that I basically wallpaper every room in vacation, wedding, puppy, etc. pictures so I’m trying to sprinkle some art throughout the house as well.

On my trip this week I scored these two adorable farm oil paintings for 10 bucks a pop. Not too bad. Something I’m learning about myself – I like farm art, barns, animals, you name it. I’m thinking it would look really cool to pickle the frames on the wood – maybe these would go well in the Dining Room or Master bedroom? Thoughts?

Then there’s this little gem. I’m pretty sure this is one of those finds that borders on the line of being creeptastic, but I’m kind of in to it. Plus, I talked them down from the marked price of $30, to $20.

Tip: Goodwill usually does a markdown on every item that’s been in the store over 30 days, and this one was dated just at the one month mark so I asked the manager for a discount, and it worked!

I somehow think with a whitewashed frame this could look really sweet in a girl’s nursery, but we’ll see where it ends up.

Happy Goodwill Hunting!


Let’s take a walk.

It’s ridiculously gorgeous outside today, I mean really, like beyond. Why it is this perfect and not sweltering like a typical August day only Mother Nature knows, but I figured I need to take advantage of it.

So I did something unheard of this morning, I took the Soph for a walk – sans cell phone. Usually I’m walking along while simultaneously pinning – facebooking – instagramming but not today. And boy it’s a good thing I left that thing on the kitchen counter, or else I wouldn’t have taken a moment to look around and really absorb the beauty of today.

This is how excited Sophie gets when you say the “W” word around here, then she runs around in circles. It’s basically just like what I do when I hear RPatz is going to be on Kimmel.

Here’s some of the gorgeousness we soaked in this morning. Also note, acrobatic squirrel.

And here’s a sneak peek in to what we’re working on around the house this week. It’s no big thang, but a mini update that will hopefully be a nice little spruce up.